Day 1 (11/13)

A slow start.

The group disembarked from The Drunken Lullaby at midday, seemingly without issues. Deciding to secure the immediate area, Tsu Nami moved towards the interior of the island, hoping to get a better understanding of the immediate layout/surrounding areas. Instead, he spied from afar a strange melee going on. The group gathered themselves and moved forward, discovering a battle between two different kobold groups. Both groups managed to slaughter each other while the party watched with a bemused interest.

This farcical battle was interrupted, however, by a strange Kobold procession. The party was besieged by two powerful Kobold magic users…until they turned on each other. The brown Kobold caster seemed to be victorious, leaving nothing but ashes and cart fragments of his adversary. Once he left, the party received one of the holding rails used on the cart, which upon further inspection by (Ryan’s Character) as revealed to function on the level of a +3 Quarterstaff.

After the strange battle they had inadvertently become a part of, the Party moved to the Northeast of the island country, avoiding the coast. After 3 days of travel through intensely dry and muggy desert conditions, the party finally encountered a forested area where they were able to replenish their food stocks and feed their pack mules. As they ventured forward, the group came across the ruins of an abandoned township. Using his keen eye for treasure, (Frank’s Character) was able to find small caches of gold hidden throughout the township, amounting to 450 gold total. The group idiot, Tsu Nami, decided to urinate into the communal well of the township, resulting in a large tentacle rising out of the well and attacking the party. Quickly using his animal handling skills, (Chris’ Character), the group’s Druid, was able to calm whatever the beast in the well was, dissuading it from accosting the party any further.

Total Items and Treasure:

+3 Quarterstaff 450 Gold Spyglass 8 days worth of gathered food and rations (will spoil after 8 days time)


To be determined.



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